How to be Australian: The Tim Tam Slam

Of all the Australian foods that I’ve enjoyed while living here for the past two years, by far the best is the iconic Australian biscuit, the Tim Tam.

A package of the most delicious biscuit in the world, Tim Tam. Image courtesy of Arnott’s

I’m not a chocolate lover at all but I will make the exception for a Tim Tam.Tim Tams are cookies made of two chocolate biscuits, filled with a chocolate cream, and coated in chocolate. One in every two households in Australia have a pack of Tim Tams on hand, which translates to Australians consuming over 400 million biscuits each year. According to the manufacturer Arnott’s, the biscuits were named after a winning horse in the Kentucky Derby in 1958. It’s so Australiana that it’s probably part of the citizenship test.

No one really knows the origin of the slam, but it’s probably started by some bored kids (or adults, I don’t judge) playing with their food. The closest thing I can think of to a Canadian/North American version would be the Oreo dunk but even that’s stretching it. There’s really nothing like a Tim Tam and certainly the slam.

How to do the Tim Tam Slam, also known as the Tim Tam Suck, Tim Tam Explosion and Tim Tam Bomb:

  1. Get a Tim Tam. Any flavour will do but the purest in me will only do the slam with the original variety. My favourite non-slam Tim Tam is white chocolate. I don’t think it’s available in Canada yet, but here’s a list of retailers in Canada that sell the delicious original flavour biscuits).
  2. Get a cup of hot tea or coffee. You can also drink it with hot chocolate or Milo, which is malted beverage (Ovalatine is a good substitute) but make sure it’s hot.
  3. Bite off diagonal corners of the biscuit.
  4. Use those ends of the biscuit as a straw and suck up the hot liquid through the biscuit.
  5. Slam it! Once you can feel the liquid has made its way through the biscuit, slam that delicious biscuit in your mouth fast! You just tasted the best thing in your life, my friend. You’re welcome. You have to move quickly or the biscuit will start to disintegrate and then you’ve ruined it and will have to start over. It’s the most devastating thing in the world to drop a biscuit in your tea and spend the rest of the time fishing out the chunks.

Hate reading? Here’s a video on how to do the slam

Thank you Australia!

10 thoughts on “How to be Australian: The Tim Tam Slam

  1. Lol, yes, I remember that, but I didn’t know that method had a name. I came back to Canada with a suitcase full of Tim Tams, only to find out that they’d started selling them here while I was away. Boost bars were another weakness, and yes, I’ve found those in Canada too!

    • Ooohhh Boost was a lifesaver when my stash of Oh Henry’s ran out. They have many American chocolate bars here but you can only get them in specialty candy shops and they’re very expensive. I’m glad to hear that they sell Tim Tams in Canada but it looks like they might not have my favourite flavour … white chocolate. I’ll have to buy an extra suitcase for the trip home 🙂

  2. My boyfriend taught me about this on one of our earlier dates! He learned it from a friend who learned it from an Australian. Using chocolate cookies to drink hot chocolate? GENIUS! I knew he was a keeper from that point on… 🙂

  3. In anticipation of reading this post, I walked downstairs to my apartment building vending machine and bought a chocolate bar (which I proceeded to eat before I finished reading/watching your post…) because I already knew I’d be craving chocolatey goodness. OH MY GOD. I am so glad that I haven’t done my weekly grocery shopping yet, because I am so buying one of these when I go (according to the directory, they sell them at my local grocery store…yay!). I laughed out loud at this blog post (and again when the man in the video assured us that there is in fact no “searing pain” resulting from the slam). I can’t wait to try this!

    • Hi Tiana – you will absolutely love the Tim Tam slam! Even if it gets messy and embarrassing and you drop the cookie in the tea/coffee/hot chocolate, you won’t care because it’s that darn delicious. My level of anxiety about moving back to Canada has decreased knowing that Loblaws sell them. They say you can do the same with Twix but I haven’t tested it. I don’t think it would work because the Tim Tam as a creamy centre which melts as the beverage is sucked up but the Twix is all cookie, so I would think that it would just disintegrate before you get any tea. Let me know how it goes!

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