Australia’s native species: Australius Boganus (The Bogan)

Australia’s warm, subtropical climate creates the perfect environment for one of the nation’s greatest native species: the Australius boganus, otherwise known as the bogan.

The bogan’s easily identifiable features include:

  • Mullet
  • Missing teeth
  • Acid-washed jeans
  • Driving a Ute (that’s Australian for utility vehicle aka pick-up truck)
  • Use of “truck nuts”
  • A propensity for swearing
  • Swearing at/around your children
  • Wearing Ugg boots outside (Uggs are meant to be only worn indoors as house shoes)
  • Using white sandwich bread as the bun for your hot dog or sausage

The Australian Bogan. Image courtesy of The Punch

The bogan’s natural habitat can sometimes be difficult to identify, however if there’s a car in the front yard, a couch on the porch, and a collection of empty beer bottles lining window sills or doorways, you know you’re in the presence of the elusive bogan.

The genetic North American cousin of the bogan, the white trash and redneck variety, thrives in North America. But the bogan is evolving. It’s coming into money, big money. It’s getting richer. Enter the CUB; the “Cashed Up Bogan”. This offshoot has recently appeared in Australia, typically on the west and east coasts where jobs on oil rigs or in mines are plentiful. The term was “used by one marketing researcher in 2006 to describe people of a blue-collar background now earning a high salary and spending their earnings on expensive consumer items as a matter of conspicuous consumption”. You can find CUBs at five star restaurants wearing jeans and running shoes, high end resorts wearing beer/alcohol-branded t-shirts, at gambling establishments, anyone on jet skis and anyone going to an Eminem concert (true story, it happened yesterday). wrote a great article about CUBs, comparing them to hipsters but with more money.

Interested in learning more about these native creatures? Check out the blog “Things Bogans Like”.

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