Embracing my inner thirteen year old

This is my first blog. Forgive me if it’s a bit rough around the edges.

For a while I thought blogs were nothing more than rants from wannabe 13 year old’s who, albeit a bit more sophisticated than what I would have chosen at the time, needed to complain about something and a plain ol’ paper diary wouldn’t cut it. They needed everyone to know what was going on in their life. I thought of blogs as another way to satisfy the “Me! Me! Me! It’s all about MEEEEEEEEE!” mindset. Good for them, I thought. I don’t have to read your silly blog about why you didn’t like the latest instalment of Harry Potter or teen vampire trilogy or your favourite Backstreet Boy (did I date myself? Hmm? Favourite 1D member. There. That’s more current. Are NKOTB cool again or have they sold out for good? I’ll Google it and get back to you). What do I care if you love something that I, frankly, don’t care about?

And I wasn’t alone.

But over time, I found myself reading, referencing, and even exclusively searching blogs for information. And it all started with recipes. Okay, wait. I know what you’re thinking… “Oh geez. Not another recipe blog!”. I know, I know. Some out there are really great and some of them are really boring but I promise you this: there will be no recipes on this site. Stamped it, no erasies. At least for now.

Fashion, gossip, recipes,  social media trends, the best place to get a bagel/pho/veal sandwich, economic development initiatives, you name it, I was reading it. And now I’ve converted and joined the team.

So what can you expect from this blog?

  • Priority #1 = To be entertaining
  • Priority #2 = To share interesting experiences (cultural, culinary, zoological) of living in Brisbane
  • Priority #3 = To share ideas and information about everything and anything of interest. We’ll revisit that in a few weeks.
  • Priority #4 = To be experimental in terms of content, ideas, etc.

Giving a great big hug to my inner thirteen year old and taking the leap forward. Hope you enjoy the ride.